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How To Improve Concentration With 9 Easy Tips

If you are wondering how to improve concentration you are not alone. Increasingly there are more and more people struggling with low levels of concentration. The good news is that if you follow the right steps it’s relatively easy get to develop good levels of concentration. Below are some tips that will help you to learn how to improve concentration more easily.


1. Eat Well for Your Mind

Are you thinking of skipping breakfast? This is one thing that will work against you if you are trying to improve concentration. Remember that as long as something is good for the body, it is also good for the brain. Skipping breakfast will lead to an increase in adrenaline, in turn making you feel stressed and reduce your ability to concentrate. So what should you eat? Combine carbohydrates and proteins which will stabilize blood sugars. Additionally if you want to know a really simple way how to improve concentration,  then drink a lot of water as dehydration also really affects your ability to concentrate.


2. Avoid Multitasking

Are you good at multitasking? Well, multitasking actually makes you achieve much less than doing one thing at a time.  Doing many things at once is tiring for the mind and therefore when doing this you are likely to make more mistakes. The best way of doing things is to do one thing at a time and take a short mental break in between tasks.


3. Remove Distractions

When you allow yourself to become distracted, it gets difficult and almost impossible to concentrate. Distractions eliminate the ability to quickly process information from your short to your long-term memory. Always strive to eliminate all distractions before you embark on aproject. improve concentration, how to improve concentration

4. Use the “Five More” Rule

The “Five More” rule is an excellent way of improving concentration. Convince yourself to do “five more” whenever you are tempted to give up. This can be doing anything five more times. For instance, adding five more minutes, answering five more questions or reading five more pages. This method helps you to push yourself past the exhaustion point

5. Learn To Meditate

Learn some meditation techniques. These will shield you from life’s challenges. You can even start by meditating 10 minutes a day. This will help you in stress reduction and also increase your concentration levels.


6. Want To Learn How To Improve Concentration ? Then Control Your Thoughts

Think about one thing at a time. Confusion comes when you try thinking about too many things at the same time. Don’t just tell your brain not to think about less important issues; this will just make you think about what you have decided not to think about. Instead, assign a specific time when you’ll think about less important issues, then dedicate the present moment time to only think about what is most to you at the time. Your brain will be more relaxed knowing that the less urgent issue will still be dealt with later. .


7. Don’t Procrastinate

Don’t put off tasks that you need to be working on. People mostly procrastinate for the reasons below:

  • They feel like they do not have to do the certain task immediately
  • They feel like not thinking about what they really need to do
  • They feel like it will be easy to do it later

Ask yourself whether you are merely postponing due to the above three factors. This will sober you up to the reality that the task will not just go away. You will understand that postponing it will only make you feel guiltier, take up more of your time and use valuable mind power.


8. Take a Break

Experts say that a natural environment helps to relieve a cluttered mind. On the other hand, an urban environment stresses the mind. Therefore taking a brief walk in the park can help clear your mind. The exercise will help reduce anxiety and increase brain power as well


There are a lot of benefits that come with increased concentration. These include increased productivity, happiness and better relationships among others. Therefore, take your time and work on increasing it and you’ll be able to take advantage of its numerous benefits.