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How to Become a Life Coach With 7 Essential Steps

How  do you become a life coach? Do you need accreditation? Where does someone start? These are the questions you might be ask yourself when  thinking about how to become a life coach. Life coaching has become huge business in the U.S. and other countries throughout the world in the past few years. Below are some simple steps that you can take to help you become an  excellent life coach.

1. Decide on what area of coaching you want to work in

What area of coaching do you want to specialize in? Life coaches can cover many different areas or niches from advising people on good time management, productivity, health and leadership to wealth creation. After you choose the area you would like to specialize in, be prepared to take time to study and develop your knowledge before you start to coach others.

2. Attend Life Coaching Seminars

To get a general idea about how exactly life coaching works, start attendinhow to become  a life coachg seminars and workshops. There are frequently more personal development seminars taking place throughout the world now. Often you can go to life coaching company taster days before you think about signing up to any courses. Not only will these seminars give you an idea of what life coaching is really about but they will actually give you some great advice how to succeed in life and meet your goals as well. Ask the various life coaches you meet for tips when are looking how to become a life coach and advice as well  on how to break into the industry.

 3. Get Professional Training

There are lots of different coaching schools that will teach you how to become a life coach. Do lots of research and  make sure you join the course that meets your requirements and needs the most first. You can choose to go to a physical class or even study a course online.

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4.  Looking how to become a life coach?  Get mentoring from an expert

Look for an authority in your field to mentor you. Mentorship will help you get hands-on skills on the best practices of coaching. It will complement the professional training you are getting as well.  You can also get this kind of mentorship as part of group sessions or over the phone.


5. Get Accredited

You can receive accreditation from organizations like the International Association of Coaching or the International Coach Federation (ICF). These are organizations that accredit individuals who conform to their set of life coaching standards. Note that accreditation is not a mandatory requirement for life coaches. However, getting it will get you into the organization’s network which could help you to get more clients.


6. Maintain Industry Standards

Keep in step with the current industry standards and maintain them. Many accrediting organizations organize annual conferences and other smaller events all year round. Attending these events will help you stay on track with the latest practices.

7. Keep Polishing Your Skills

Don’t just  be comfortable with just being an average life coach; strive to stand out from the crowd. Whether you will prefer to go for additional classes, do more research online or get more mentors, do whatever it takes make you a better than  average life coach. Remember that you will learn a lot on the job actually coaching clients. So therefore make sure you market yourself as much as possible and work hard to give the best value to your clients as well. Most of all give back and mentor other life coaches.  Through teaching your skills and experience to other coaches you will become better at what you do overall.


Life coaching can be a very rewarding career. Seeing the success of the clients you have coached will give you a great deal of self-satisfaction, motivation and passion for what you do. However to be able to get to this level, you may have to invest a lot of your time, dedication, energy and money. This should not worry you though because once you are start on this the new career, all the hard work will be worth it!.