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How To Achieve Goals – Goal Setting The Easy Way

Many people find goals they set for themselves are too hard to achieve for simple reasons.  Often they set unrealistic goals or fail to achieve a goal because they lack the right resources. If you are one of those people looking  to learn how to achieve goals  more easily then this guide could help you a lot.

Why set goals?

Goal setting is an important task do in your life, brings meaning to life and without the setting goals you could find it a lot harder to achieve your dreams.

6 Easy Steps How To Achieve Goals

In order for you to reach your true potential and live your own life purpose it is vital that you know how to achieve goals  easiliy.

With big long-term goals you will need to break them up into several parts.  See the end in mind or the final result and the trace back all the steps to the beginning all the tasks you will need to accomplish. It’s important to make the goal timed as well and set in the now, or in the present for example:

how to achieve goals


It is now March 11th 2015 and I’m sitting in my luxury front room of my new apartment which I now own.

Make the goal as precise as possible and visualise your goals daily. Make sure that you give yourself credit for each part of your goal that you achieve along. Just remind yourself that 100 mile journey is made of many steps and not just one. Most importantly enjoy the journey and don’t always just focus on the destination.

Think about where you want to be when you reach your goals in life, what will your life be like and get excited when you visualise this.  Have fun with this process and imagine how your life will be different when you achieve your goals.  Through the power of visualization you can perfect every element of the how you want your life to be like in the future on a daily basis.

 1)Do Positive Affirmations Really Help with Goal Setting?

Remember to use positive affirmations, which is a very powerful way to unlock the power of the unconscious mind. You can say them out loud or quietly in your mind to help plant the goals fully in your unconscious mind so you will find it easier to achieve your goals

Doing this also helps that to counteract negative thinking and self criticism which can limit us in reaching our full potential. It is for this reason that we should always use positive affirmations rather than negative.  For example if you were a smoker who wanted to stop you would say ‘ I’m free of smoking forever!’ rather than ‘ I don’t want to be a non smoker anymore

Write positive messages about your goals on sticky notes and stick them in places you look at every day like your bathroom mirror, wardrobe and maybe your desk at work.  Doing this helps program your mind on a daily basis.

2)Write down your goals

Write out your goals on paper daily and make sure you that you check every task you complete on your list, even if it seems really insignificant. After a while, you can look at your list and see your progress. This will help give you an incentive to continue and give you a boost each day to see that you are gradually achieving your goals
Don’t tell yourself you’ll get your goals done later
Procrastination is your greatest enemy when setting goals. The problem with procrastinating is that it’s easy to  put off important tasks and watch TV or socialize with friends, and not get anything done.  Unfortunately, if  it becomes a habit it will make achieving your goals almost  impossible.  Get your goals done first each day and then if you achieve your them reward yourself watching your favorite TV show or seeing friends.

4)Get Support

It is always good to have a support system when trying to complete goals or projects. This could be a member your family, a friend or maybe even an experienced coach.  Surround yourself with positive people who will give you all help and advice you will need to fulfil your dreams

5)Keep A Personal Development Journal

Tracking your progress and keeping a daily record of your daily successes and failures is one of the best things that you can do to help to ultimately achieve your life goals.  Various Studies have shown in the past daily journal writers have a higher success rate and are more likely to reach the goals than people who don’t keep journals.

6)Learn to stay positive as much as possible

Don’t allow yourself to get down too often. Negativity only breeds failure and more negativity. Instead of constantly putting yourself down and beating yourself up for not accomplishing certain tasks, give yourself proper credit for all of the goals you do accomplish and acknowledge your daily successes when they happen.  Being negative doesn’t achieve anything, so put a smile on your face, stay %100 positive as much possible and you start creating magic in your life.

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