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Music For Meditation – Can It Help You Meditate Better?

Music For Meditation – Can It Help You Meditate Better?

George MacDonald the famous Scottish author once said, “Work is not always required. There is such thing as sacred idleness.”

This goes to show the importance of taking some time to meditate. Below is a guide on how to  use music for meditation.


1. Select Inspirational Instrumental Music

Instrumental music is great to listen to  as it will help stimulate the right side of your brain, unlike lyrical music which will trigger activity on the left side of your brain. The right side is the intuitive side while the left side is the rational side.

How To use Music for Meditation

In short, the spoken words will make you think while the instrumental music will help your mind  remain quiet, taking you beyond your rational mind and away from your life’s challenges. It is okay to listen to songs that have choirs as long as they do not linguistically utter spoken words. The only exceptions to this are sacred sounds in ancient languages since you can use them as mantras to complement the music. An example of this is Tibetan music.


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2. Find a Place that is Peaceful and Quiet

In order to get the true benefits and enjoy your meditation it’s important to create the right space or environment to meditate. Turn off your cellphone and eliminate any possible sources of interruption. Get into a comfortable and relaxed position where you can either lie or sit for 30 minutes. When I use music for mymeditation , increased relaxation offers more benefits. It gives more sensitivity to the sound.

Focus your quiet attention to all parts of your body before listening to the inspirational music. Breathe deeply and slowly while doing this.


3. Use Quality Headphones

When you  Listen to music for meditation it’s very important to use  using quality headphones. Make sure the volume is at a comfortable level. This will help you to enjoy the musical vibrations. In case you use an iPod, see to it that the bitrate is converted to the highest level possible, usually to AIFF or WAV music files. This will give you the best possible sound quality.

Below are the steps you can take to edit your iPod preferences:


  • Go to the advanced/importing menu
  • Right click on the preferred song
  • Select “convert to”
  • Edit your preference


4. Use Diaphragmic Breathing as You Listen To Meditation Music


This is the breathing style that is also called “belly breathing”. Below are the simple steps to doing this:


  • Inhale through your nostrils
  • Direct the breath to your belly
  • Feel your belly rise
  • Exhale through your nostrils
  • Feel your belly fall
  • For further centering, press your tongue gently against the roof of your mouth as you deeply but slowly inhale and exhale through your parted lips.

5. Relax

Do not be worried about what you should be thinking or visualizing. Get into a totally relaxed state.


6. Control Your Thoughts

You can allow your thoughts to come and go but if you feel like you are drifting away, deliberately bring your thoughts back to the present. Avoid thinking about the past or future.


7. Surrender to the Music

Let the vibrations positively stimulate your mind, soul and emotions. Your breath and heartbeat will slowly synchronize with the music’s “pulse”. This is known as entrainment; where your mood matches that of the music and flows into the intended direction.


8. Enjoy the Entrainment Point

As long as you feel good, stay there and enjoy the experience of meditation and relaxation.   Feel good even or you fall asleep. Afterwards, you will feel refreshed and ready to continue with your daily life.


9. Use Visualization Tools While You Use Music For Meditation

Some people prefer to use these tools at the point of entrainment. Here, you can visualize yourself succeeding at specific life  goals. This must only be done after you reach the entrainment point and never before. This will make sure that you are your using your intuitive and not your rational mind. Visualizing the changes you want to make in your life and the perfect version of yourself is a very powerful when you do this exercise.


10. Absorb the peace and energy of meditation created using music

Don’t just rush back to normal life immediately; stay still for a couple of minutes. If your eyes were closed, open them gently and slowly adjust to the light. Stretch each major body part slowly. Stay in silence for around 5 minutes. Allow yourself to fully feel the feelings of being relaxed, refreshed and strengthened.

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