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How To do Meditation The Easy Way For Beginners

How to do meditation is something that is relatively simple and straight forward to learn. However, when we start to learn how to meditate there are so many books and courses out there that make it seem complex. The truth is  that you  have don’t have  to go to a retreat or meditate on mountain to find true enlightenment. Meditation is actually really easy to learn and these days it is not an unusal thing to hear that someone meditates on a daily basis at your workplace or gym. Meditation is no longer reserved for monks or travelling hippies, anyone can learn it. If you are thinking of to learn  how to do meditation this article should give you way a few simple methods to get started

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1) Learn how to do meditation at home through watching your breath

Probably the simplest form of meditation and easiest to learn is to start through observing your breath. Try to decide on a regular time each day when you plan to meditate and also create a space where you will not be disturbed for at least 20 minutes. You can sit a chair or crossed -legged on the floor and take a few deep breaths before you begin. Close your eyes and just observe yourself breathing in and out. You can focus on the breath coming out of your nose or the rise and fall of your belly, which will aid your meditation session. Don’t worry about how to do meditation, just allow your thoughts to arise and then disappear like clouds parting in the sky.

2) Walking meditation

This is a very easy form of meditation that you can use when working to work or even going to the shops when you buy your daily groceries. When you walk become one with your environment, listen to the birds, observe people passing by and just allow yourself to be aware of what’s going on without having to think about anything. focus on your feet walking on the ground and enjoy your connection to the earth. This a great way to help you relax and feel centered before work.

how to do meditation at home

3) Binauarl Beats Meditation

Thanks to modern technology there is an even easier way to learn how to do meditation now. The purpose of any form of meditation is to help the mind and body deeply relax. Traditionally  meditation most methods teach you that you have to focus or concentrate for long periods of time to reach the deep meditative zones of alpha and theta brainwaves. To reach these deep or heightened states  through traditional meditation  can a take a lot of practice and commitment.

Binaural beat meditations help you reach  these  meditative states more easily. They work by listening to peaceful music through stero headphones  that  has  binaural beats embedded beneath the meditation track. When you use a binaural beats meditation download it results in a process known as brainwave entrainment where two different frequencies of tones are played in each ear. The different frequencies help put the  the brain in the deep meditative states of alpha and theta brainwaves more rapidly. All you need to do is  sit back, put your headphones on let the binaural beat meditation track do the rest.

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Meditation can help reduce stress, help your health and your general well being. Just doing a little bit of meditation on a daily basis can make such a big difference in chaotic world sometimes.