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Zox Pro Review – Discover The Power Of ZOXing

Our world is full of so information. There are books, manuals, reports and so much more that you need to read as a student, business owner or any other type of professional. If you are like most people, then you probably read around a rate of 250 words per minute. That’s not bad, but there’s a course that can help you read 100X faster, or up to 25,000 words per minute! It’s called ZOX Pro.  Through using mental photography, or “ZOXing,” you will be able to read and comprehend words much faster, and there are many other benefits as well. Is this product as good as it seems? Read our  review to find out.

What is Zox Pro ?

zox pro review

Basically, this product is a speed-reading course. You will learn to digest a huge amount of words and information within minutes. Think of it this way: your common novel is 40,000 to 100,000 words long. If the claims are correct, then you can read an entire novel in 1.5-4 minutes.

However, unlike standard speed-reading techniques, ZOX Pro doesn’t rely on speeding up average reading techniques. It actually involves taking a mental photograph of the words so that your comprehension and retention of the information is much better than  if were to use standard  reading techniques.

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Benefits of using the Zox Pro Speed reading system
If you read the ZOX Pro website, then you probably saw some impressive stats about comprehension and retention rates, which show how good this product really is. Most people want to avoid reading faster because they are worried about losing what they read, or having a hard time comprehending the words.

Average reading only allows you to comprehend 50% of the words, and you end up losing 90% of it within 48 hours. Speed-reading is much better because you will comprehend 60% of the words, and you should remember the information for about a week.

Through ZOX Pro doing this review of the product,  we  found that your comprehension jumps to 77% with mental photography, and you retain 100% of the text for life.

Other Benefits of Zox Pro
Aside from the massive jump in your reading level, we found that there are many other benefits to be gained from this program. This is because you are taught other techniques that enhance both your reading, and your entire life.

There are various modules that teach you about relaxation to improve your awareness, how to use and master peripheral vision to see more of the page and your surroundings and how to guard your mind against subliminal advertising by being conscious of everything you read or remember.

Does it Work?
This is probably the most important section of our review. Does it work? Even gaining 10% of the benefits (reading 2,500 words a minute) may seem a little unreasonable, so being sceptical is very understandable.

ZOX Pro has been around since 1975, and it has over 35 years of experience and satisfied customers. Overall, this program has been shown to work, but it’s not a fast solution. You are learning how to make your brain work in a completely different way, so don’t expect this to just take a month or two. You might have to put a lot of time into this until you master the concepts.

However, if you find that this product doesn’t work for you, then you can always request a refund. Although most customers find that this product works better and better the more they try it. So, in a word, yes it really does work but you’ll need to put in some the work to really reap the benefits.

Reading is a part of our everyday lives. It doesn’t matter if you are reading from a screen, book or even a billboard. There is a ton of information out there, and you need to digest it quickly to make the best decisions right now. If you want to improve your ability to digest, comprehend and retain information, then ZOX Pro is one of the best products out there.

While it does take a long time to master, you will find that the benefits are amazing for your everyday life. This doesn’t just help you read quickly, it helps condition your mind so that you can easily comprehend your surroundings, decisions are much easier to make and you will be aware of your conscious thoughts to a much higher degree. So finally we definitely recommend ZOX Pro if you want to improve  your reading ability.

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