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The 11 Forgotten Laws – An Honest Review

You might be someone who is sceptical  about a lot self-help books and courses? Most of the time most courses and books often teach us something we already know and could have figured out for ourselves. Sometimes they often teach things in ways that are not very effective, which means that we often forget the techniques or methods very quickly and don’t apply them in your our lives. So we were naturally a little wary when we bought The 11 Forgotten Laws created by Bob Proctor and Mary Morrissey. However, a few lessons into the course and  we were blown away by how easy to learn and interesting the course was.the 11 forgotten laws

The 11 Forgotten Laws is Bob Proctor’s own course created after starring in the flim” The Secret” and speaking about the law of attraction.  The course expands on the basic theory of film and describes in detail how you can work with law of attraction as well as other universal laws. He gives a definitive guide to the 11 laws and teaches you how to apply them in your everyday life

What are the 11 Forgotten Laws?


The course teaches you how to use the following laws:

1)      Law of Thinking – whatever we are thinking in a habitual way becomes our reality)

2)       Law of Supply

3)       Law of Attraction (what you think about you attract to you).

4)      Law of receiving

5)      Law of increase

6)      Law of Compensation

7)      Law of Non resistance

8)      Law of forgiveness

9)      Law of Sacrifice

10)     Law of Obedience

11)   Law of Success


Each law is explained in detail with a dedicated lesson.  Bob proctor and Mary Morrissey give plenty of real-life examples and clearly teach you how use the laws properly.

How to Use the 11 Forgotten Laws

The course is not meant to be read through only once go and then forgotten. It is a complete and comprehensive life changing program that you will what to use on a daily basis and work with regularly. We  have found that the best way to use the course was to first study each lesson and law in depth, and then to apply it in my life before I started learning about another law so that we  could fully experience the value of the teachings.

The package includes series of high quality audio, video’s online and pdf workbooks to help you through the various lessons.

If you don’t have the time to spend at least 30 minutes a day on the exercises, you can listen to the mp3 while you travel to work.  This will definitely help start your days in a positive and connected way listening to Bob Proctor’s incredible wisdom even with someone’s elbow digging into my back if you are travelling on public transport!


Can the 11 Forgotten Laws Work for You?


The 11 Forgotten Laws are not new – they have been around as long since society has existed. They’ are called the ‘forgotten’ laws because many of us simply forgotten them through the development of our modern civilisation

Yet the greatest minds such as the Wright Brothers, Henry Ford and Albert Estein achieved success often through understanding these basic universal laws. This is where this product where help you develop more knowledge and understanding of these laws. Of course, as with most things that are worth gaining, the journey you take while learning and fully applying this information might not be easy. You will have to be committed; the Law of Sacrifice, for instance, will tell you that you have to pay a price for everything you want either through hard work, time or money.


Bob Proctor and Mary Morrison have spent decades studying these laws and how they help bring success in our lives. In The 11 Forgotten Laws course they generously share their wisdom   and insights with us.  Additionally, they provide great resources and tools to help us successfully apply them in our lives.

In our opinion, the $97 we spent for this package of wisdom was an incredibly small investment for a   course that you can use for the rest of your life.

Click here to check out Bob Proctor’s 11 Forgotten Laws