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Quantum Jumping Review – Discover The Infinite You!

quantum jumpingWith so many personal development products available online now claiming to give you the exact tools you need to change your life, it can be quite confusing to know where to start.Some of them are very good and others are not so good, but none of them are as impressive as Quantum Jumping, Quantum Jumping has been created by Burt Goldman, also known as “The American Monk”. Burt’s actual technique is remarkably simple and   very clever. The main aim of the course is to help you to create the picture of a completely different you, helping you imagine your ideal life in exactly the way you would like it as well. .

What is this Quantum Jumping all about?

So in starting off this Quantum jumping review, I guess I should really tell you what Quantum Jumping is all about.The basic concept is that there are multiple alternate universes, where there are many different versions of you. Burt Goldman’s advanced visualisation techniques allow you to jump into these alternative universes and communicate with the alternate you.  Learning the lessons that you have you have learnt in those alternative realities ultimately helps you to discover the universal you.   Burt has refined these techniques for over 31 years through studying hypnosis, meditation, yoga and remote viewing.  He has helped over 180,000 people make significant changes to their lives through this process.

How does Quantum jumping really work?

quantum jumping

Basically Quantum jumping is an advanced mental visualisation technique. You just have to find somewhere quiet or peaceful to sit and Burt guides you into a alpha brainwave state, helping you to tap into your unconscious mind. It’s really works in the same way as meditation really simply helping you brain to access a much more relaxed state and access the alternate you.  The process allows you ask the alternate you questions. Imagine that your work life has been full bad of jobs and you feel really stuck in an ever increasing pattern. Quantum jumping asks the alternate versions of you what you are doing wrong so that you can discover your true potential.  Like anything though it does take commitment and dedication to get real results.

Quantum Jumping Review Verdict

Honestly this product is extremely stunning and you will see that if you buy it. There are over 9 CD’s of content, a workbook and 3 bonus videos included as well. The course is neatly laid out in to modules, where Burt effortlessly guides you through the process of Quantum jumping techniques from beginner to advanced exercises. He teaches you the basic principles behind each of the techniques and thoroughly explains how you can become successful through using Quantum Jumping.

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