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Omharmonics Review – Binaural Beats Meditation Remastered

Omharmonics produced by Mindvalley put simply, is quite amazing!  You will see that from the first time you use itomharmonics,  that it  takes  you to a really deep level of meditation very quickly. Omharmonics does this through using ambient music and brainwave technology. It  can  help improve your meditation,  even if you are an experienced meditator and will definitely help you if you are a beginner too.  In my experience a lot of binaural beat meditation tracks sound very heavy with the dull tone of beats often overpoweing the music sometimes.

Omharmonics is remarkably different due to the music being very good quality.  It really is the next chapter of binaural beats technology. This Omharmomics review will hopefully give you an objective opinion of the om life collection so that you will be able to definitely see if the product is for you or not.

Omhamonics Technology

So how is the omharmonics different to normal binaural beat meditation products?  Well it really takes binaural beats to a whole new level in 3 ways.  Firstly, traditional binaural meditation beat products normally just use binaural beats embedded beneath meditation music. The purpose of doing this is to create a process known as brainwave entrainment. This is where two different binaural tones are played in either ear.  Omharmonics claims that is very different to other binaural products as it uses something called neuralsync technology. This is a blend of binaural beats, audible heart beats and breathing sounds.  Also they use intelligent Guided flow Technology, which aligns with your brainwaves faster and helps you experience resistance free meditation. Lastly, the music they use is very different as it uses consciousness engineering technology and consists of  beautiful tunes. This makes listening to the product very relaxing.

Omharmonics includes five main sessions and each session contains a 15 and 30 minute version of each track. :

  • Track 1 – The Awakening – This used for your morning meditation which helps you stay very calm  and grounded throughout the day.omharmonics review
  • Track 2- The Focus –This track is great to listen to when you are reading or need to concentrate at work.  It helps give you a sense of clarity and keeps you calm even when chaos might be happening around you.
  • Track 3 -The Spark – This is a great meditation to listen to when you to come up with new ideas or need to think creatively to solve a problem. .
  • Track 4-The Balance –This meditation is great to use after work, helping to rejuvenate your mind and body.
  • Track5-The Deep Rest – This track helps you get better uninterrupted sleep. Listen just before you go to bed and you will experience more restful sleep.

 The Best Parts

The best thing and most obvious improvement on other binaural beat products is its superior quality. This is reflected in the track recordings which are fantastic. The breathing and heartbeat tones are great too, helping you to relax even deeper.

The great thing about this product compared to other brain sync technology products is that you can listen to the tracks in mp3 form with an ipod or mp3 players.

Omharmonics is easy to use with tracks to listen to aid morning meditation to deep rest before you go to sleep. It really is life changing and well worth the money.

The Worst Parts

The truth is there aren’t any really. The only one to mention is that the price of the product might seem very expensive at first.  The Silver package costs USD$149 for the digital version. However, when you look at the life changing value for that you pay for this money you will see that it is definitely worth it.

So in finishing off this Omharmonics Review  this product really is worth the price. It is a pleasure to listen to and use. Mindvalley really have really set new standards as far as binaural beat mediation products go now.

Click here for a free 10 minute  Omharmonics Meditation download