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Chakra Test – How Balanced Are Your Chakras?

Carol Tuttle’s chakra test will help you find in 3 minutes how your 7 chakras are influencing your life. Each one relates to aspect of your life, such as love, money, health and life purpose.Carol is an experienced therapist who 

chakra healinghas featured on various TV channels including  ABC  and fox FOX 13 News talking  about her work. She is we known  within the personal development  industry and has been acknowledged  by  natural health expert Dr. Joseph Mercola  as someone who is amazingly effective at helping people overcome their emotional barriers.  He  recommends her healing methods to anyone searching for better health and wellbeing.

Carol’s Chakra 7  system’s   main  aim is  to help you to ultmately bring about balance to your  all  chakras. The system is based on the belief that  a weakness in your energy system or one of your seven chakras, can cause upset in one of seven areas in your life. The  chakra test helps people discover which chakras are  potentially out of balance and  creating issues in  these seven areas of life.

The chakra 7 system highlights that each of the seven chakras relate to 7 following different areas of life.

chakra personality test

1st Charkra ( Root) – Career and Wealth

2nd Chakra ( Sacral) – Sexual Energy

3rd Chakra ( Solar Plexus)

4th Chakra (Heart) – Love and Relationships

5th Chakra ( Throat) – Communication

6th Chakra ( Third -eye) – Intuition

7th Chakra ( Crown ) – Intellect

The chakra test the is  first part of  22 hour video training course that will show you how to heal and re-energise your Chakras. Carol uses a selection of healing tecniques which will help strengthen  and clear your chakras.

Chakra Test Breakdown

The chakra test is  free that  helps you find out which of the chakras are the strongest and which are the weakest. As part of the test you also get a personalised chakra report showing you how well each of your chakras scored. Each of the scores will reflect how you are doing a particular area of life wealth or money.

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