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How to Increase Brain Power With 7 Simple Tips

Have you  ever had experienced foggy  or slow thinking and wished  that things would come to you a bit quicker mentally sometimes? Or have you had a problem to solve and found yourself needing just a little extra boost of creativity to work things out? If you have, don’t worry as many people these days really want to find out the best ways how to increase brain power.  Here are 7 simple ways  how improve your brain power and memory.

1) Stay Well Rested.

how to increase brain power

Did you know studies have shown getting a poor night’s sleep can decrease your I.Q. by as much as ten points the next day? Be sure you get a good 7 or 8 hours sleep to help rest your brain and body. Taking a nap during the day if it’s possible is another great strategy to conserve your brain power. A bit of shut eye after learning something new has even been shown to aid in retaining knowledge! So don’t be scared to take a siesta. Far removed from being lazy, this will actually help you be more productive in the long run.

2)Start meditating

Meditation has been scientifically verified to not only boost your I.Q. after only a few weeks practice but to also act as a effective form of stress release. Less Stress equals a less distracted mind, which equals much, much more brain power. There’s many different meditation techniques out there, explore them on Google or at the library and pick one that resonates best with you and follow it. The results are often life-changing and are definitely brain power boosting!

3)How to increase brain power through diet

What you’re eating and when can have a big, big affect on all aspects of your mental state. When finding out how to increase brain power making   a few small dietary changes can give you a big boost. Healthy fats are key to a happy brain. Think of more fish (especially salmon, mackerel and other fatty fishes) and going a bit lighter on starchy carbohydrates. Green vegetables are also a plus. Also don’t eat any heavy meals late at night if you to really focus the next day as this can affect brain power

4) Exercise often.

The body / brain connection is no myth. The more fit you are, the more blood you’ll have available for your brain to use as fuel to work at peak levels. Even adding a 45 minute walk or bike ride a day will make a noticeable cognitive difference, plus you’ll be healthier too.

5) Draw more!

Whether you’re an artist at heart or not, the fact is that drawing, even doodling, gives the right side of your brain a great work out. This translates to more mental fitness and a big surge in your creative capabilities. If you can incorporate colour into your drawing it’s even better. Don’t worry we won’t make fun of you for breaking out the crayons!

6) Learn how to boost your brain power through writing down your thoughts

The more you write  more you use your brain. The act of writing down what you’re thinking helps flood your brain with much needed oxygen, which is essential to boosting brain power and memory. Journaling at night before bed is a great way to incorporate this method into your daily life and can also have the added benefit of all important stress relief.

7) Brain boosting Supplements

Lastly there’s a wide range of supplements that have been shown as reliable means to help increase brain power. The best ones are Ginkgo Biloba, Vitamin D, Essential Fatty Acids and piracetam. Some of these may not be right for you, though they all are normally generally safe. Do your research and make sure you purchase any through a reputable supplier. When it comes to supplements you often get what you pay for.

Add even a few of these 7 tips on how to increase brain power to your life and I think you’ll be amazed at the results.