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What Is The Law Of Attraction? – A Simple Guide

What Is The Law Of Attraction? – A Simple Guide

So what is the Law of Attraction ? Put simply what we think about or the thoughts we think on regular basis create our reality. What we attract to us is really just what our mind projects out onto the world. An example of this could be that If you are an extremely optimistic person and keep telling yourself everything is getting better,  then this is  exactly what will eventually  happen to you,  compared to someone who constantly thinks about things in a pessimistic  way.

What is the law of attraction

Many famous people throughout history including Albert Estein, Thomas Edison, Napoleon Hill, Isaac Newton, Jesus and even Bill Gates all  understood the main rule of the law of attraction that what we think about and focus on is what we manifest most.  Knowing the real answer to the common question “what is the law  attraction”  is very important and can really enrich your life for the better.  Applying this secret law correctly can help you  to attract more wealth, health, love and really anything you put attention on.

One easy step is to start using positive thinking. Think more happy and joyous thoughts which will raise your energy,  help you automatically attract more positive things into your life. However, continuous negative thinking will attract more unfortunate and negative events into your life. If you are aware of these simple rules, you can use the law of attraction to easily improve both your personal and professional life.

To give you an example if you really want to receive more money in your life, start working on feeling good about money and visualize receiving the amount you wish to receive every day, eventually this amount of money will turn up in your life.

However, once you know the answer to what is the law of attraction and understand how to use use it, you  will need to take the opportunities that show up that the universe presents to you so that you achieve this goal. The more action you take the more the universe will support you.  The law works even though there is no rational scientific explanation for this it; it has helped thousands of people all across the world. The power of thought is immeasurable, and that is a known fact!

 What is the Law of Attraction? – 4 Tips To Help You Use It


Now that you understand the basic principles of this law here are  4 tips to help you use it in your everyday life

Tip #1: Good Deeds Will Be Rewarded!I

f you do a good deed, it will be rewarded, sooner or later. No matter if you help an old lady cross the street, or you choose to start a charity to help the poor or homeless. This is why so many civilizations practiced the law of tithing.  Good deeds will come back to you when you least expect it. This is also known as the “Boomerang Effect” – what you give is what you get in return. However, it is important to remember to not to expect anything in return when you do good to others and give from a space of not needing to receive anything in order for this to work properly.

Tip #2: Ask For Whatever You Need!

Are you in desperate need of money, or perhaps you really have to pass a difficult exam? All you have to do is to ask the Universe for it. Relax your mind and clear your thoughts – this will slowly decrease your brain waves and allow you to meditate in peace. Leave aside all your worries and your day-to-day stress for a moment. Think about all the things you need, and simply ask the Universe to help you. You can do it out loud, or you can simply send a mental picture, it is entirely up to you. If you truly believe in the law of attraction, you will eventually receive the help you are seeking!

Tip #3: Don’t Think About “When” Or “How”

Another essential tip regarding the law of attraction is never to think about “when” or “how”, if you really want something to happen. Simply wait for that particular event, without stressing yourself with these questions. Things will happen at the right time, for the right reason, and under the right circumstances, often only when you are ready to receive them! Miracles do happen!

Tip #4: Practice Daily Gratitude

Last, but certainly not least, start being grateful for everything you have in your life on a daily basis. Write a letter and mention all the things you are grateful for, no matter how small or irrelevant they may seem.

Be grateful, show appreciation for friends, family, health, love and money you do have. If you acknowledge your current assets and you appreciate the help you have received in the past, you will receive all the help and support you need for achieving your future goals.

In conclusion, these are the main principles  about   the  law of attraction . These basis tips should have  helped answered your question about what is the law of attraction. and  help you use this law effectively. All you have to do is to be grateful for what you have instead of complaining about what you don’t have. Learn how to use the power of thought to help you overcome your problems and create the life of your dreams! If someone in the future asks you ” what is the law of attraction? ”  you will be now able to let them know what it is.

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