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Developing Intuition – A Beginners Guide

Developing Intuition – A Beginners Guide

Intuition which can also be known as a “sixth sense” or an inner voice is often described as develop intuitionan inner knowing that we have regarding something that is often far beyond reason or logical explanation. Our intuition gives us signals through our emotions, feelings and the subconscious mind about things we need to know that are going on in our daily lives, which we don’t always notice consciously. Intuition is something we  have and are born with naturally. However, as we grow from children to adults our minds become more logical and analytical  causing us to neglect or often lose connection with our intuition. Fortunately, like anything else learning how to develop intuition is possible through doing some simple exercises. Below are listed eight easy steps on how you can develop your intuition further so that you can become more in touch with yourself.

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 1) Time to meditate?

Developing intuition

Meditation is one of the main tools that can really develop your intuition. It quickly slows down the daily chatter in your mind and  allows you to hear your inner intuition more clearly. Additionally, developing intuition creates a greater level of self acceptance and relaxation as well. It’s quite easy to learn to meditate; all you need to do is create a special place in your home to mediate on a daily basis. You can make your mediation more effective through lighting a aromatic/ scented candle or incense, sitting in comfortable chair or crossed legged on a cushion, closing your eyes and concentrating on your breath. This type of exercise will help you develop both your senses and assist with quickly developing intuition.

2) Listen to your unconscious mind

Pay regular attention to your subconscious mind through dreams, repeating symbols and messages you might be seeing or any regular feelings you keep feeling as these could be important intuitive messages. Ultimately developing intuition and connecting to your subconscious mind needs to really be done through setting aside time to sit quietly to listen to your inner voice. You might see images in your mind and experience feelings in your belly (often called a gut feeling) when you ask questions about your life during these moments of being quiet. Try to trust your gut feelings and any images that keep coming up for you. They are your inner compass or intuition and will guide you in the right direction, which is always best for your highest good.

3) Getting creative is a good way of developing intuition

Expressing  yourself  creatively  through writing, painting or drawing helps you unlock feelings, ideas and thoughts that you are not always aware of consciously, which helps tap into your intuition. Also creativity is an excellent way for us to find solutions to any problems that need solving as well.

4) Time to go the gym?

Physical exercise helps us deeply relax and is really great for developing intuition. The more we relax and become grounded, the more we are more able to listen our intuition. Find a physical activity that you love such as swimming, running, walking, tai chi, or yoga and do it on a regularly.

5) Exercise your memory

Using visualisation and memory exercises also helps you to develop intuition as well. A good exercise is to try remember a particular event from the past and see if can remember what you were doing, where you were and what were you wearing. Allow your senses and intuition to give you an accurate memory of the event.

6) Look after your health

Make sure that you nurture your body so that you stay healthy and well. Good intuition depends on the fact that you feel well. Otherwise the information you pick up could be incorrect and may because you feel out of balance. Look after yourself through making sure that you have a good diet, exercise and get adequate rest daily. Nurture your mind with positive thoughts and your soul with kindness and prayers. It’s important when developing intuition that you look after the mind, body and soul at the same time.

7) Regular intuitive exercises

There are lots of different exercises for helping you to develop your intuition. This simple exercise involves using symbols. Firstly, get a pen and a piece of plain paper, sit down and concentrate on the question “What do i most need to know at this time?” Ask yourself the question 3 times. Immediately after the third time, draw an image on the piece of paper. Then the final step is to try and interpret the image. Whatever the symbol means to you will the correct meaning for you and will improve your ability to use your intuition if use this exercise on a regular basis.

8) Ask yourself questions before you go to sleep each night

One of the easiest ways to access the subconscious mind is to reflect on the questions or issues which you couldn’t the find answers or solutions during the day before you go to bed at night. This will stimulate your imagination and put your subconscious mind into action while you are sleeping to find the solutions to your questions. Ensure that you have a paper and a pen by your bedside so that when you wake up during the night or in the morning  you can instantly write down the advice from your subconscious mind. What are the benefits of developing your intuition?

  • Helps you reduce stress by assisting letting you deal with day to day problems better
  •  Helps you to unlock you imagination and creativity
  •  Intuition connects you with your subconscious mind and helps you to discover things you never knew about yourself.
  • When you focus on developing intuition your decisions are often better as a result.

Learning how to develop intuition is like learning anything else. It requires a lot of practice and dedication. However, through a bit of practice and using some of these simple methods in this article you will find that your intuition will gradually improve.  .

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