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Hypnosis For Weight Loss – A Permanent Solution?

With so much confusion and feelings of failure over modern day miracle fad diets and expensive supplements, using hypnosis for weight loss is becoming a more popular solution  for losing weight. This is mainly due to the fact that more and more people are finding that hypnosis works.  Unlike several decades ago it is no longer regarded as a mysterious practice of waving  a watch in front of someone’s eyes while they go into a deep trance or  hypnotizing  someone to dance around on stage like Mick Jagger just for an audience’s amusement!

Hypnosis is now regarded as an effective treatment from anything from panic attacks to helping someone stop smoking permanently. Hospitals are even referring patients to clinical hypnotherapists to help treat issues such as depression, stress and physical illnesses.

Why is Hypnosis becoming a popular method for weight loss?


hypnosis for  weight loss


Hypnosis is becoming more popular now as people no longer need to visit a hypnotherapist every week for a session of hypnotherapy. You can easily download a really good hypnosis app on your phone or mp3 and listen to the track every day for several weeks to help create the changes you wish.  Often working with the subconscious mind leads to permanent change, so this is another reason why it is becoming popular.  Rather than having to keep trying different weight loss diets and supplements all the time, lots of people are trying hypnosis for weight loss. Hypnosis is often a relaxing and pain free alternative.


How  does hypnosis for weight loss  really work?


First of all hypnosis involves talking to the unconscious mind rather than the conscious mind.  Our unconscious mind is silently eves dropping on all our thoughts and remembers all our beliefs and experiences. Your conscious mind will look at logical solutions to lose the weight like  diet and  exercise programmes. However, the subconscious mind remembers all the times you might have failed and the beliefs  you  hold about losing weight.  So through using hypnosis you are able to communicate to the subconscious mind direcly  and replace limiting believes with empowering ones. Therefore, changing the way your brain looks at the topic of weight loss forever.  Although this change doesn’t happen overnight, great results can occur through using hypnosis for weight loss as well as  following a healthy diet and excersing.

Hypnosis simply helps you change your believes, attitudes and break free of lifelong habits.  Statistics have shown that people are far more likely to lose weight using hypnosis than not using it all.

What are the benefits ?


1) Overall reduction in stress levels

2)  Improvement in wellbeing

3) Positive Change in behaviours and habits

4) More self Confidence

5) Improved Sleep

6) improved immunity


Hypnosis for weight loss can ultimately help motivate a person to maintain a healthy diet and stick to their weight loss goals. It does this through retraining the subconscious mind.

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