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Acid Alkaline Diet – Does It Really Work ?

Acid Alkaline Diet – Does It Really Work ?

What is the Acid Alkaline Diet ?

People often think that the most important part about following a diet is losing weight. However, they neglect the  fact that choosing a diet which helps you prevent other major health issues, increases energy and   generally improves your quality of life is far often  more important.   The acid alkaline diet definitely helps you to achieve all these things and become healthier through changing your overall lifestyle, without having to follow a specificacid alkaline diet diet for a few weeks.

The alkaline diet was   pioneered by Dr. Robert Young through studying people’s blood and the effect of different foods on ph. level.    The modern diet consists of many acidic foods, like coffee, cheese, alcohol, fruit juice and fast food.  Eating these foods can make you more acidic and can lead to poor health, disease and a number of health conditions.  This is where becoming more alkaline and less acidic can dramatically improve your health.

When you decide to go on a  balanced acid alkaline diet, you are in fact eating foods which are similar to what our ancestors ate i.e. a diet of fresh whole foods.  Our ancestor’s diet was abundant in fresh fruits, fruit and vegetables, legumes and fresh fish. Unfortunately, our modern day diet is frequently packed with foods which might be high in bad fats, salt, cholesterol and acidifying foods.


 How we adopted the modern acidic western diet?

Out shift from eating a mainly alkaline diet to an acidic diet really began 1000’s of years ago. Our original stone age diet consisted of foraged fruit, nuts, vegetables and whatever fresh meats we could find.

As soon as we started to grow our own foods, things began to really change. Bread and other whole grain acidic foods became the core part of our diet. Also we learnt the ability to raise and domesticate animals, which led to us eating more meat and dairy products.  The end result of this was a significant move from an alkaline whole food diet to a processed man-made modern diet.

The curse of the modern acidic diet!

It will come to no surprise to you that our modern day diet  rarely contains little whole fresh foods which we need in order to maintain good overall health and wellbeing. . The excessive amount of junk food or “fast food” has reduced the quality of what we eat. Obesity is now prevalent throughout western society. Also there continues to be an increase in other conditions, such as diabetes, coronary disease, M.S, chronic fatigue syndrome and cancer.  This why we truly are “what we eat” and why the acid alkaline diet is becoming a more popular choice recently.

 So why is pH Balance Important?

In order to achieve optimal health our blood needs to be kept at slightly a alkaline level, ideally between 7.35 to 7.45 PH. Basically as acidification takes place through eating a modern acid diet, the body has to ensure that the PH of the blood is maintained through taking alkaline minerals from other parts of the body, which results in us becoming more acidic and potentially developing disease. Through increasing the alkalinity in our diets, drinking 3 litres of water and eating in a more alkaline way we help to keep this natural balance  of  a acid alkaline diet  in order.


Benefits of  Acid Alkaline Diet

Here are just a few benefits you might experience:

1)      Increase in energy and feeling of well being

2)      Improved concentration

3)      Weight loss

4)      A stronger   immune system

5)      Recovery and prevention  from disease

6)      Better skin and a reduction in aging


How do you get started on an alkaline diet?

The most important part of starting the diet is to know what the different aci

alkaline diet list

dic and alkaline foods are. Put simply “eat the good stuff and cut out the rubbish. When you start the acid  alkaline diet it is important to consume alkalising foods and drinks as possible, and cut out any acidic foods and drinks.  Here’s a brief list of some the food and drinks you might want include or cut out:

Alkaline Foods 


Spinach,  cabbage, , broccoli, asparagus, cucumber, carrots, celery, lettuce,  swede, , butternut squash, red and green peppers, tomato, onion, , chickpeas, , kidney beans, spring onion, root ginger chili and  garlic



Flaxseed oil, Evening Primrose, , Avocado Oil,  Olive Oil  or  Udo’s oil


Lemons, Grapefruit, Limes, Tomato, Avocado – be careful of eating any other fruits because of the high sugar content which can cause acidification in the body.


A good green power containing alkalising grasses and vegetables with ph. drops, herbal teas and lemon water


Acidic Foods






White rice

Cooked oils and fats


Junk and fast food




This information only provides you with a brief introduction to the acid alkaline diet and shows you the benefit of eating more alkaline foods. I

Click here if you  would like a comprehensive free acid  alkaline diet list